Our vans are ideal for corporate parties, wedding events and group outings. With removable seating options, we can accommodate up to fifteen people with luggage. This also makes for the perfect vehicle for airport trips or shuttle duty between sites. Amenities include A/C, tinted windows and CD sound system.


Executive Van

VanDo you need to transport a large group? Look no further than TLS Worldwide! All of our vehicles are kept in the finest condition and our Vans are no exception. You can be assured of a safe and worry-free ride where ever you need to go.


Our Van is a vehicle of choice for a large family, family reunion celebration, small business groups and any group of passengers which requires luxury and an economical ride with a lot of luggage space. This is the perfect vehicle for transfers to and from the airport.


Mercedes Sprinter G55 Executive Van

VanWhen top of the line luxury is what you need, consider our Mercedes Sprinter, the future of corporate and leisure travel. Amenities include luxurious Leather Captain Chair Seating for up to 11 passengers with a large luggage compartment. Each seating area includes courtesy overhead lighting and power inverters for computer hookup and wireless internet access. The State of the Art electronics system includes 32" LCD Satellite TV, Satellite Radio, and CD-DVD. 6'3" headroom and a spacious cabin provide true luxury van comfort.

*** Amenities cannot be guaranteed as not all the Sprinters in our fleet contain all the amenities listed above.***


10 - 15 Passenger Vans

VanTLS Worldwide late model Ford E-350 super duty passenger vans are equipped with back-up sensors and traction control for added safety. These vehicles can accommodate 10-15 passengers with luggage. This vehicle is perfect for smaller corporate group movements and extremely suitable for the larger family looking for airport transportation.


VanOur Turtle Top Van is perfect when our standard passenger van isn’t enough. This vehicle allows for the ease of movement to your seat because of the additional headroom that is provided because of the additional heightened roofline. This vehicle can accommodate up to 13 passengers and has a dedicated rear luggage compartment.


All our vans have front and rear air conditioning, CD sound system, and tinted windows for your comfort and security.