"Our chauffeur was A-number one! When he arrived at our home he was very polite to my family and he didn't stop there. After escorting us with an umbrella to the limo, he then gave us a brief explanation of the buttons and switches that were applicable to us passengers. He then very expertly, backed out of my narrow drive way onto the Hwy (no mean feat in itself, given the weather and the traffic), and bore us on our way to dinner. Upon arrival, he opened the doors for us, gave me his card with his cell number, and away we went.


When we finished dinner, I called John on his cell, and he immediately arrived, escorted us to the car, and held the door for us as we embarked. We did a time check, and as it was still just a bit early to head to the Forum, I told him to take the slow route. He told me his plan to hit Summer Ave and show us some houses with Christmas lights. He drove us through a neighborhood where all the residents were competing with one another for the most lights. He drove slowly past a house whose lights were sync'd with an FM radio station. My kids especially enjoyed that as John tuned the radio so we could watch AND listen, and lo and behold, the lights were sync'd to "Carol of the Bells" by Trans Siberian Orchestra! What a treat!


John then proceeded to take us down to the Forum, where we arrived about 10 minutes early. Perfect! We made arrangements to meet after the show. The show ran until around 11:00 and he was there waiting with the door open door. After putting in "Finding Nemo" for our kids to watch on the video screens, John proceeded to safely and expeditiously take us home.


John was polite, courteous, humorous (we asked for it!), and all in all, definitely exceeded our expectations.


Thanks to John and you kind folks at Tennessee Limousine, my family and I had a night for the ages!"
Director of Distribution
Memphis, TN


"We love you! We are going to send you some pictures from our special day. Thanks for the last minute sight-seeing ride for our out of town guests."
Memphis, TN


"We had a wonderful day and the limo was perfect! Thank you for making our wedding that much more special."
Germantown, TN


"Just a note to say thanks for the wonderful service that my friends and I received on my birthday. Tennessee Limousine gave us a great day, a fabulous vehicle and we absolutely adored our driver William - he was professional, very accommodating and we sincerely enjoyed his company! We will definitely recommend you to our friends and we look forward to using your limousine services again in the future. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!"
Charlotte, NC


"The outstanding quality of the service you folks provide along with the attention to detail and professionalism is why the transportation department at Smith and Nephew is proud to have you as our "partners" for our transportation needs. Thank you for always exceeding our expectations."
Transportation Coordinator
Memphis, TN


"Both the chauffeur and the vehicle were excellent! I've rented before and this was by far the best."
Dallas, TX